Homeworld: Iridonia

Description: Zabraks are humanoids that are born with spikes on the top of their head. Their homeplanet is Iridonia, though they have established many colonies on nearby worlds. They have excellent willpower and are a stubborn, proud people.

Zabraks are noted for having a crown of horns on their skulls. The pattern in which these horns grow signifies the race of the Zabrak, similar to how skin color signifies the race of a human.

Zabrak also traditionally have facial tattoos, typically composed of a pattern of thin lines. In certain cases these tattoos can be quite elaborate (such as with Darth Maul's red-and-black tattoo job), but most Zabrak tend to be conservative with their designs. It is unclear what these designs signify. They may indicate which family the Zabrak belongs to, where they grew up, or they may well be just a matter of personal preference on the part of the Zabrak.