Tyrius was born on an unknown planet from long ago, before Ragnos, before Sadow, Malak, Revan, or many other notable Sith Lords.

It was rumored that he lived during the time of Ajunta Pall, however, there is no evidence of this, in fact, as far as the Governments know, he wasn’t real, somehow he had come to the Galaxy under the radar and unknown, however, to a chosen few, the story of this Sith Lord has been told.

In a time where brute force and mastery over fighting, weaponry and the Force was the only thing that kept you alive, there were warriors who created vast armies of fighters, and became Warlords. Tyrius’ father was a great warlord who had long since retired, settling down with Tyrius and his mother in an attempt to both train his son, and rekindle his marriage with his wife.

However, time passed and soon enough, warriors appeared at Tyrius’ doorstep, and they wished for his father to join their vast army. Claims say that the warlord who approached them was Ajunta Pall, who was then just a struggling warlord with high ambitions, however, it is unknown.

Tyrius’ father declined and then had to fight the army, who killed him quickly by overwhelming him with their vast numbers. His mother was taken away and was forced to watch as the Warlord used the Force to summon some kind of gateway into the future, which threw the young Tyrius onto Tatooine, about thirteen years before the Battle of Yavin.

Tyrius was soon found by the Sith Lord Vader, who began to train him in the ways of the Force. Tyrius was becoming an excellent fighter, and a master of the Dark Side, Palpatine called him the next Vader, however, the Empire was soon overthrown.

After the Battle of Yavin, Tyrius found himself as one of the few remaining Sith. He attempted to attack the Rebels single-handedly but was overpowered. He was forced to flee to the Unknown Regions, where he wished to strengthen and harness his abilities.

After years in the unknown, Tyrius made his return to the Sith, joining up with the Sith Order and becoming a Lord almost immediately. He served under Revan and Exile, but became a Dark Lord of the Sith with Exile after Revan’s departure.

Tyrius saw more opportunity out in the galaxy, and began to explore the Ancient Sith Tombs, collecting as much knowledge as possible. Soon he was able to come face to face with Naga Sadow, who told him that if he was able to stay alive after a battle with Revan, he could merge with Naga and they could take over the galaxy. Tyrius accepted, and after a heated battle with Revan where he lost his hand, Tyrius merged with Naga Sadow, regaining his hand and allowing the spitting image of Naga to return.

See Naga Sadow for more information...

Biographical information
Date of birthUnknown
Date of death37 ABY
Physical description
SpeciesZabrak and Sith
Height6 feet, 3 inches
Eye colorBlue
Chronological and political information
Era(s)Rise of the Sith
AffiliationSith, Ancient Sith
Preceded by:
Lord Exile
Dark Lord of the Sith
17 ABY20 ABY
Succeeded by:
Naga Sadow

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