Homeworld: Ryloth

Description: Twi'leks have colored skin and and at least two tails—called lekku, singular lek—protruding from their heads; the name "Twi'lek" means "twin lekku." Part of the brain grows into the base of the lekku, and the width of them is proportional to the girth of the Twi'lek in question. Although it is most common for Twi'leks to have two lekku, it is possible (although rare) for a Twi'lek to naturally have three or four lekku.

Twi'lek females are prized for their natural beauty and gracefulness, and between genetic predisposition and social conditioning, are naturally submissive. As such, they are thus sold to slavery as dancers for crimelords and such, while others take jobs to dance at cantinas.

Twi'lek females have conical ears, while males have human-like ears. They understand most alien languages but prefer to speak their own. Twi'leks live in a clan-based society. They are naturally completely hairless.

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