The Turning of the Clones

After gaining the assistance of the Mandalorians, the Jedi and Republic were starting to gain confidence in the war against the Sith and the evil Empire. The New Republics forces were growing, and they felt like they now had a decent chance to win the galactic war.

The jedi, like the republic, were confident as well. They next turned to Nar Shadaa, where they heard rumors of a rogue Jedi Master in hiding. Kenshi, Hunter Holtarna, and Zenthux headed to Nar Shadaa to find the Jedi Master. After searching, all they found were the Sith, ready to spring a trap on the unsuspecting Jedi!!!

Darth Malak and his two apprentices, Darth Nemesis and Darth Exile, were waiting for the Jedi. After many fights, the Sith were close to destroying the three Jedi and crippling the newly restored jedi order. But in came Revan in the nick of time to save the day, and upon Revan's arrival also came thousands of newly turned clone troopers!

The commander of the clones, Supreme Commander Akatrian Nexik, had betrayed the Sith and the empire and was now working for the New Republic! Millions of clones under Akatrian's control joined the Republic, taking away the Empire's primary soldiers. With Akatrian and Revan, along with the clones, the jedi were ready to defeat the sith once and for all. The tide of the battle was turning extremely quick.

Many intense fights erupted, but the sith were being defeated due to the sheer numbers of the jedi and republic. After a long and challenging saber duel, Revan ended up killing the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Malak, with a powerful combination saber attack.

Without their master, the sith ran in fear to the sith academy. A huge celebration occrued, as the sith, who had lost their master, and the Empire, who had lost their clones, were both weakened severely.