Search for the holocron

After the fall of the older Jedi Order, which consisted of Yoda, Mace Windu, Obi wan, etc...The jedi were basically extinct, if not for 2 remaining jedi, Luke Skywalker, and Revan Ordo.

Revan took it upon himself to rebuild the order, and sought out those powerful in the force to help bring the jedi back to life, while Luke visited the outer rim in hopes to find planets that would join the Republic in their battle against the Empire...

Once the New Jedi Academy had been created, and was doing well, the jedi realized that the Sith had been revived as well. Kenshi was given to task to discover more about the new Sith threat that had emerged.

Master Kenshi and the new Sith Lord Malak fought multiple times once Kenshi confronted him, and Kenshi came out victorious time and time again after using his brilliant battle techniques and mastery of the force.

Shortly after the most climactic battle between Kenshi and Malak, Revan and Kenshi headed off to Coruscant, this time in hopes to find an ancient Jedi holocron to help them master the use of a lightsaber even further.

The two jedi headed to the old jedi temple on coruscant, where an old lightsaber holocron would be. Since the attack on the academy 30 or so years ago, it was now abandoned and in ruins. Multiple beasts now called it their home.

Revan and Kenshi headed to the underlevels, where they were confronted by many perils and powerful creatures. However the two bested every challenge that arised, and eventually escaped the temple with the holocron.