Star Wars Dominion

The Galactic Reset was an event brought out by the Holy Triumvirate, which ushered in a new era in the Galaxy, and forever changed the face of things in both the minds of those who survived, and the Universe itself...

The Day of Reckoning[]

Kain Ossious drifted in space above Korriban, awaiting the moment when he would initiate the Superlasers on the Death Star, and blow the Triumvirate to their untimely doom. However, he underestimated the powers of the Triumvirate, who were all gathered on the planet of Korriban, where the Dark Energy even further fueled Naga Sadow's power…

Aboard the Death Star were thousands, Kain included, along with Sith Apprentices and Imperial Officers. They waited as the gloomy night sky hovered above the Triumvirate, who stood fast and strong in the wake of the doom to come.

As the Death Star lay in wait, Naga transferred all of the Dark Energy he could muster from Korriban and his soul to Revan; weakening the Sith Lord, but allowing Revan to build up a Thought Bomb larger than anyone had ever seen.

As the Death Star released its laser, Revan allowed the Thought Bomb to come undone. Siege and Draco Orion were wiped out almost instantaneously, fading from the Force, their service to the Triumvirate complete. However, Revan had to remain on the planet, withering under the power of the Thought Bomb which was pushing back the Death Star’s onslaught. Sadow, weakened, muttered that he would not die on Korriban, and in an instant, transported himself to Grecia, an Outer Rim Planet.

However, the Death Star’s lasers backfired, and began to fuel the Thought Bomb, which in moments fried the crew of the Death Star, and all those aboard; however, as Kain lay weak and dying on the ship, he used the last bit of his energy to transport himself onto the planet of Korriban, where he stared gloomily into Revan’s eyes, and died the death of a warrior – collapsing with a thud on the sands of Korriban.

And when Kain fell, the Thought Bomb gave way, however, it was different than what most had expected. Although it destroyed the surface of Korriban, it dissipated into the Force after that. Revan lay on the surface, not knowing if he had corrected the problem he and Naga Sadow had set out to accomplish, however, in instants he would know, as he became one with the Force...

All over the Galaxy, the Force was correcting itself by separating from individuals, who without the Force would wither and die. The Force had observed Revan and Naga trying to balance the Force themselves, and decided to take matters into its own hands. It was achieving balance naturally by allowing the Force-sensitive people and those who had enough strength to go on to survive. As the time passed, only an eighth of the galaxy’s population remained, and the Universe… was forever different.