Homeworld: Unknown

Description: This race of near-humans has the ability to blend into any crowd. They resemble short, pale-skinned humans with sunken eye sockets and no hair. Scientists believe that the Stennes Shifter is a genetic variant of the Stennes race, which first appeared some 5,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. They were discovered by the ancient Jedi Knights, for the Stennes Shifters had a strange kind of Force sensitivity which allowed them to obtain energy from the living Force. The Shifters can even "steal" the living energy from a nearby being, earning them the nickname Force-eaters. Unlike other species which can change their appearance, the Stennes Shifters are the only species who truly used their abilities to the disadvantage of other races. They are xenophobic in nature, partly because of their own inborn prejudices and partly from millennia of persecution by other races. Their homeworld of Stennaros has been bombarded several times since their appearance, in efforts to wipe them out. Unlike other species which can alter their physical appearance, the Stennes Shifters use telepathic manipulation to chage their shape.