Homeworld: Skor II

Description: An old trader's saying warns to be wary of smiling Squibs. Standing about a meter tall, with large doe-eyes, rodent-like muzzles, tufted ears and fur ranging from red to blue in color, Squibs hardly seem imposing. But in the arena of their choice -- bartering -- they are ruthless. The Squibs love haggling, and are gifted at crafting convoluted and ultimately very rewarding trade deals. Often, the end goods aren't what's important -- it's the process the Squibs value.

The Squibs evolved on Skor II, a world blessed with nearly limitless resources. These resources, however, were distributed in widely scattered regions of the planet. Consequently, the Squibs soon developed a complex culture of barter and trade as different Squib tribes dealt with one another. Another interesting evolutionary trait is the Squib fur, which acts as a taste and olfactory receptor, enabling a Squib to examine an object by touching it and rubbing it against his or her fur.

The Squib Polyanarchy consists of communities ruled by a single, but distant, king. The monarch during the fall of the Republic and the time of the Empire was King Ebareebaveebeedee. This revered ruler established an agreement with the Empire in which Squib "workers" (the Empire would qualify them as "slaves") would serve as menial labor aboard Imperial craft. These Squibs would often sneak messages to the Squib Reclamation Fleet, alerting the scavenger species to Imperial dump sites, which the Squibs would then exploit.

The Squibs have developed an advanced technology of space-faring patchwork momships. These ships are generally unarmed, but the Squibs have excelled in adapting tractor beam technology for numerous applications, including defensive and offensive ones. The Squibs have established numerous large corporations, like Squib Reclamation, and Squib Merchandising.

Squibs are generally confident, gregarious, and annoyingly curious. They tend to run into a situation to examine virtually anything without any regard to apparent or non-apparent dangers. Their fast-paced metabolisms make them a bundle of energy, and they are often regarded as flighty by other beings.

Though the Squibs lauded the Jedi Knights for protecting their world during the Clone Wars, they chose to remain neutral in the Galactic Civil War. They gladly scavenged both Imperial and Alliance trash.