Homeworld: Ziost / Tyriun

Description: The Sith populate the planet Tyriun, and used to populate the planet of Ziost, in the times of the Ancient Sith. They have pale, pink skin, and their eyes are generally a porcelain white color, giving them an eerie appearance, and almost ghostlike feel.

The Sith have an enhanced jaw that begins as a normal human's would, however, is more angled and about midway to the tip of the chin, has two odd bones that move straight downwards. The hair folocules of the male Sith are very weak, so typically a male is bald everywhere except for on the facial points.

The planet of Tyriun is mostly barren, and as such, the Sith, working with the Humans as their masters, have constructed vast temples to the Force on the planet, each which can house the Sith Masters and Human peasants, as well as which have small, underground areas for growing food and harvesting water from streams.

The Sith lead a complex life there. Born into a caste, a Sith's life is predetermined. There is a royal family that has been determined for years by power between the siblings of the family, or outside power for that matter, and there is a complex Bishop system which allows the Sith to worship the Force in manners of Priests and Religious exploits.

Since the planet was born entirely through the Force, it is not unlikely that is the reason why such a Force Sensitive species as the Sith inhabit it. The humans, though, were most likely chosen due to their intelligence and belief in something above them, and as such Tyriun is a great planet for the Sith to call their home.

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