June 29, 2006RevanEdit

RevanBeing trained by countless masters and gathering all information of the force available to any, Revan was able to accomplish a feat that none other could claim; He had learned more about the force than any other being in the galaxy. With an unsatisfiable thirst for wisdom, Revan continued to grow and soon learned every facet of the force, both light and dark. Learning how to control the force, manipulate the force, and even create and destroy the force, Revan's power seemed to be insurmountable. But in a single moment, all he had built came crashing down.

Betrayed by his apprentice, Revan was captured by the Jedi. Their first act was to erase his memory. All the years Revan had spent acquiring knowledge on every aspect of the force had been in vain. The impossible had happened...the Revan that the galaxy had learned to love and fear was no more.

July 2, 2006AlecEdit


Alec (Prue) was the son of one of the leading clan members controlling Onderon in the Mandalorian sector, but when his father was slotted by the then current Mandalore for assassination Alec's mother stole away with he and his younger brother Ulic Prue deep into the outer rim where she hid her two sons in an orphanage in hopes of coming back for them latter.

Alec (Prue) is one of the most powerful Jedi in his rank. He is a Master who has often disagreed with the councils rulings but with no small assistance from his twisted sense of honor and dry sense of humor he continues to serve the council and follow the Jedi way of Life.

July 9, 2006ScreechEdit


T3-83 (sometimes called Screech due to the high-pitched screech he made when he was first activated by Alec and his brother Ulic) was a T3-series utility droid that was built by Alec and Ulic Prue

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