Physical Description Edit

Stands 6'3 he is very tall. His face shows the aging process that has taken control. His hair is a silverish gray, due to the aging process his hair has begun to thin out into the earliest stages of balding, He also has blue eyes.

Personal History Edit

Born on the planet Of Naboo he lived in the City Of Theed with his parents until the age of 18. he then left to join the then Imperial Army. He began his training at a Imperial Training Facility 001 . He graduated at the top of his class. Even though he was the smartest in his class he was not placed on the front line againts the then Rebel Alliance. He was kept on at the Facility as A Class Instructor to new recruits.

After The Fall of the Imperials and the Rise Of The New Republic he went into hiding fearing for his life. however he recently returned to the galatic society. returning to the former Imperial Center he joined the Republic Army. once his identity was found out he was taken out of training and placed in front of a Military Council. Their he was appointed to the Rank Of General by The Republic. He assumed the vacany left open by the Disappearnce of Ricca Shumakk.

After the cataclismic event that affected the entire galaxy, he led a movement to recover alive soldiers. But his feelings soon changed. on a diplomatic mission his shuttle lost power and was forced to land on a Imperial Space Station. he then took the Imperial oath once again.

He currently holds the rank of Brigader General in The Imperial Army.

The Galatic Reset Edit

Roman was lucky enought to have survived. He met a group of Jedi that had also survived. After finding out what happened, he decided to search for survivors. Although hurt he continued on. Finding only a few Civilian, and a large group of Republic soldiers.

He then led the soldiers that had survived to the Senate building. Opting to be a diplomatic enovy to Naboo, Roman boarded a shuttle.
Roman Androth
Roman Androth
Biographical information
Date of birth0 ABY
Physical description
Hair colorSilver-Grey
Eye colorUnknown
Chronological and political information