Homeworld: Utapi

Description: Pau'ans are the taller of the two species native to Utapau. They have deeply lined, ash-coloured faces, gaunt builds, and wear thick, tighly fitting clothes.

Offworlders nickname them the Ancients due to their lifespan, reported to be several centuries long. The originally inhabited the surface, but climatic changes increaced the ferocity of hyperwind storms to unbearable levels, and they were forced to relocate to the sinkholes.

Upon first contact with the Utai, they taught their shorter brethren the secrets of wind power generation, as part of a cultural and technological exchange that benefitted both cultures. Over time, the Pau'ans found themselves in control of the planet's cities and administration, a task the Utai seemed ready to hand over to them. Pau'ans are generally seen as the public face of Utapau to outsiders.