Homeworld: Omwat

Description: Although the Omwati are not a branch of humanity, the differences are extremely small. The Omwati skin is a bluish color and their eyes are generally blue or black. The size of an adult Omwati borders that of a human, although their morphology is typically slightly frailer with regard to females. There are very few Omwati with a stout physiology. Their most striking characteristic is their "hair" which appears to be made of small, diaphanous feathers of an iridescent color. Omwati do not have any other hair. Males are built well, and can be trained as great warriors.

The Omwati race has nearly grown extinct recently. However, Revan and his friend, Xiones, have cloned Xiones and created a force sensitve clone army, that they call the dragoons (for image, click dragoon omwati clone link above). This new force sensitve clone army serves the jedi and the republic. There are around 10,000 Dragoon Omwati clones in total.

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