Homeworld: Rishi

Description: The Nuruvian race is a half human race that dwell on Rishi. They were the original inhabitants of the planet, other than the Avians (another race, one they eventually killed off). When the Republic came to Rishi in times of expanion, they were known as primitive. Most Nuruvians are force sensitve, and most are called 'demons'.

Thousands of years passed and the Nuruvian race eventually blended with the human race that settled there. The race that was created looks like most humans, but there bodies have no blood in them and their veins pump a different substance. There system of feeling pain is different as well, and they can tolerate extreme agony most humans cannot. There morals remain the same as they were millions of years ago, however, containing nothing but pure evil and contempt, rather than human compassion. Furthermore, their basic senses are stronger than that of a normal humans.

The Nuruvians recently banded together to fight the Republic rule on their planet of Rishi. After multiple negotiations, the Nuruvians now rule over a little less than half of the planet on an extremely large island. The island they now live on is known as Shinobi Island, and only Nuruvians can live there.

The Nuruvians are bloodthirsty almost-human killers and rule over their island without intereference from the republic or other people from Rishi. Most look human except for small mutations, such as an extra eye on the demons forehead or something of that sort. Most of the mutations actually increase the demons power, however. When meeting one, it is advised to be kind and think before speaking. A well known Nuruvian Demon would be Seta Shinobi.

Furthermore, a Nuruvians goal is only to increase his rank and strength. Based on power and skill, a Nuruvian is given a class Rank. Class 0 is the lower, Class V is the highest. Most common are the Class 0s, Class Is, and Class IIs. The Class III and IVs are extremely powerful, and the Class V is reserved only for the single strongest Nuruvian.