Homeworld: Neimodia

Description: Neimoidians are the most visible villains of the film The Phantom Menace. According to the Expanded Universe, Neimodians are decendents of Duros colonists that landed on Neimoidia in the year of the Republic inception. At some point in their development, the Neimoidians learned to domesticate giant beetles, and they have been getting others to do physical labor for them ever since. By the time of The Phantom Menace, the Neimoidians control the galaxy's largest commercial corporation and are at the head of the powerful Trade Federation.

Neimoidians are born as grubs and placed in communal hives until the age of seven. Inadequate food is fed to young Neimoidians in order to encourage acquisitiveness. Those who hoard enough food survive while those who do not hoard die. Even as adults, Neimoidians tend to be greedy, possessive, and fearful of death.

Neimoidians have been stereotyped by other races in the galaxy as corrupt, particularly after the Battle of Naboo. They are certainly willing to resort to extortian, lies and manipulation, but their success also lies in exceptional organizing abilities. Training in organization revolves around Neimoidia's mass hives and huge fungus farms. The Neimoidians do not view themselves as wicked, but rather focused on being the best capitalists they can be. The Trade Federation army is employed only when "future customers" do not realize their "best interest" in trading with Neimoidians, on Neimoidian terms.

Neimoidian culture is extremely hierarchical. Although, the monarch of the Neimoidians is never seen in the films, every Neimoidian ship carries a hologram of her.

Much as the Imperial Officers were given British accents, the Neimoidians have been given Asian accents. This accent has been interpreted as stereotypically Chinese by some. Their accents, ornate robes, and sneaky, greedy nature has led some to see Neimodians as Chinese racial stereotypes.

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