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Ammag Suok, had a terrible childhood, one that was riddled with tragedy and the demise of his mother at the hands of a rogue bounty hunter, whose intentions were unknown in the murder of their mother. Ammag and his siblings were able to subdue the man, and beat him down.

Ammag and his bretheren took the man's blasters and hopped onto a transport, hoping it would lead them to Dxun or Mandalore where they could live with others of their own kind; however, they were thrust out into Nar Shadaa, and they made their living any way they could... eventually, Ammag got his hands on a set of Mandalorian armor, and began his career as a bounty hunter.

More recently, Ammag survived the Galactic Reset, and was able to further his career in the Mandalorian Army. The losses of the reset were traegic, however, under the watchful eye of Ammag Suok, and the leadership of their Mandalore, perhaps the Mandalorians have a chance at regaining their prior infamy...

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