New Ally to the Republic

The newly created Republic, or the New Republic, has been struggling to get planets to join them. Most planets are frightened that if they would join the rebellious group, the Empire would seek revenge on them and try to destroy their planet and their unsuspecting people.

However, one group, the Mandalorians, were not afraid of the Empire. The two sides had a huge meeting on the New Republic Capital, Coruscant. Inside the newly constructed Republic Senate Building, the Mandalorians and Republic argued for many hours. The Mandalorians stood on one side, wanting to join the republic, but wanting an insanely large amount of credits. The New Republic stood on the other side, needing the help of the Mandalorians but not having any credits to spare. Neither side would budge an inch, buth both sides wanted to ally...

Revan Ordo, an influential figure on both sides, served as a "middleman" in the arguments. He eventually convinced the Mandalorians to settle for a smaller amount of credits, but still a good amount, and the Mandalorians offered their small army to the Republic.

Eventually, with the help and negotiations of the Mandalorian and Republic Grand Admiral Revan serving as a middleman, the two different groups were able to sign a treaty to help each other, and the two sides finally were in peace.

Since the Mandalorian Treaty, more planets have been open to joining the Republic, and feel the Republic is starting to gain an edge over the weakening Empire...