Homeworld: Naboo

Description: The Gungans have humanoid bodies, but their heads are elongated with large, dangling finlike ears. They live in underwater cities on the planet Naboo. The principal Gungan character in the movies is Jar Jar Binks; the ruler of the Gungans is Boss Nass. The only other Gungan to be given a name in the films is Captain Tarpals, though the novelization also mentions a General Ceel though some games have shown other leaders including Boss Gallo.

The Gungans and the Naboo (human inhabitants of Naboo) did not get along, as the Gungans believed the Naboo to be pompous cowards while the Naboo believed the Gungans to be barbarians. This attitude lasted until Queen Amidala united the Gungans and Naboo to fight the Trade Federation in the Battle of Naboo.

After the Battle of Naboo, the Gungans attained representation in the Senate through Representative Jar Jar Binks.

A Gungan also made a brief appearance in the DVD edition of Return of the Jedi. During the pan over the Naboo celebration of the Empire's defeat at Endor, a Gungan can be seen on the top of a tower yelling, "Wesa free!"