Basic InformationEdit

Name: Dyth Ramuzap

Race: Half-Nuruvian

Age: 17

Homeworld: Rishi

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11

Weapon: Lightsaber

Vehicle: X-Wing

Affiliation: Exile


Times of the Rebel AllianceEdit

When Dyth was young he knew he wanted to try to help and defend the galaxy. He would always try to be virtuous and honorable when he was young, and was well known on his homeworld of Tatooine and well liked.

At a young age, he enrolled in the republic academy to try and help defeat the empire. He was quickly promoted to a commander and was the leader of a small fleet of X-wings.

Dyth was at the battle of Hoth, and took down several imperial TIE figters, but his fleet was eventually destroyed by a sith ship. Dyth crash landed on Yavin IX and lived there for a while, trying to repair his ship. Once he could travel again, he set course for the jedi academy so he could try to become a Jedi.

Jedi Training and Joining His BrotherEdit

Dyth trained under Jedi Master Anden Beliam and quickly became a jedi knight. He has also killed who he thought was his brother, a sith, and had gone on many missions with his master and the jedi.

During a long time away, Dyth wondered aimlessly around the galaxy. He soon arrived at Rishi, and began to explore. He came across a weak old hermit, who told him that a 'Half Nuruvian Warrior, was coming to kill him. Dyth was confounded, especialy when the old man proclaimed that Dyth was the warrior. The man explained to Dyth, that after Seta Soujira's birth parents gave him away, his mother had an affair with a human. The result was Dyth, who was also shipped away, so that Seta's father wold not find out. Dyth then went on a rampage, killing the old man, fufilling his 'profecy', of the Half Nuruvian Warrior. Dyth continued killing helpless people, and soon came to his sences. After a long period of meditation, Dyth returned.

During the destuction of Iziz, Dyth confronted his Brother, and told him the truth...

Dyth has taken the surname of his Brother, and added Haragawari, or Half Brother, between his onwn name, and his new Surname.

Dyth Haragawari Soujira....
Dyth Ramuzap
Biographical information
Date of birthABY 23
Date of deathUnknown
Physical description
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorUnknown
Chronological and political information
Era(s)Rise of the Sith, DoE, Pre-Triumvirate and Post Triumvirate