Draco Kaltar

"Death is a Natural part of life, though I still don't accept it."

Basic InformationEdit




Race-Half Mando, Half Human

Class-Mando Soldier

Weapons and SpacecraftEdit

Weapons-DC-15x Sniper Rifle,(Uprgraded for laser sighting) Blaster Rifle(Upgraded for maximum damage a fire power speed.)

Spacecraft-Jet Pack, A-wing Starfighter


Physical DescriptionEdit

Draco Kaltar is a very handsome man. He has light brown hair and perfect pearly white teeth. Along with that he has brown eyes to match. Draco is very muscular and fit due to all of the battles he has fought in with the Mandos. He is 6 feet 6 inchs tall and has a light tan.


Draco is cheerful alot of them time. He is quite cocky and thinks of himself as the best at everything. He is quite smart and can be helpful in a tight spot. He doesn't like to talk about his past much, so it is wise not to mention it.

Draco Kaltar's HistoryEdit


Draco had an ok childhood. His father, Dalmar Kaltar, was with him until he was 4 years old. He never knew his mother, who was a Mando. Draco learned alot of fighting techniques and such from him. On one trip, Dalmar left Draco behind. Dalmar returned with a child under the name of Damos Kaltar. Draco was always jealous of how Dalmar had treated him. Dalmar spent more time with him. So, Draco left his father and traveled to Mandalore, in search a job and some combat training.

Meeting KelbornEdit

When Draco arrived, he met a Mando the same age as him! His name was Kelborn Arcas and they spent alot of time together. Kelborn and him learned how to fight together and even went to a battle together ar the age of 10! They were both great heros among the Mandalorians and were admired by many. But alot later, they were both 20 years old and Kelborn met Revan and eventually became Manadlore! So, Draco decided to set his sights on bigger and better things...

Surviving the Thought BombEdit

On one normal day, Draco had finally finished his Force resistant armor and helmet. This just happened to be the day that Revan Ordo used the thought bomb on the galaxy. Draco had tried it on when the bomb hit. The he survived, thanks to his armor, but barely. The armor disintagrated and he was about to die. With the help of will to live, he pulled through. He now is trying to find Damos, and answers to what happened that day.
Draco Kaltar
Biographical information
Date of birth10 ABY
Date of deathUnknown
Physical description
Species1/2 Mandalorian and 1/2 Human
Eye colorBrown
Chronological and political information
Era(s)Post Triumviate