The Sith Lord,Marka Ragnos, believed that he would once rule the galaxy.
At one point in his life the beautiful young Tavion and her Sith Cultists tryed to resurrect the great Sith Lord. When her attempts failed a young Jedi Padawan soon to be 

Jedi Knight found her in the tomb of Marka Ragnos. This young Jedi's name was Jaden. Unknowing to all of them Jaden would soon have to choose the path down darkness or the path towards the light. Luckily for the New Jedi Order he chose the light by letting his beloved friend Rosh Penin live,instead of following Alora and killing him. During this great Sith Lords life he never took on an apprentice because of his beliefs. His beliefs were that apprentices would slow his Galactic Conquest down and jeperdize everything he had done.

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