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"Men are but flesh and blood....they know their doom, yet not the hour.

Dark Fox, known also as Count Velox grew up on the planet Naboo, his life seemingly heading down a path full of both bliss and prosperity. However, things often change harshly and without warning, and this proved just the case for young Velox, as all of his happiness was stripped away without reason..other than the sheer jealousy and spite of man.

So begins Velox's quest, being stricken down by his brethren, only to arise from his own ashes, a new man, one changed...for the worse. Swearing an oath of vengeance perpetuated by the Force, Velox returns to his former life, vowing to gain retribution on those who did him wrong in the past. Adventure, mystery, life, and death follow, but in the end, Velox attains inner-peace, and is able to embark on a new quest, moving on from the last...


Velox rarely reveals his image to those around him, almost always adorned from head to toe in the darkest of cloaks, creating an overall sense of both mystery...and death. His face, when not shrouded by a black hood, is strong and well-sculpted, while at the same time soft and gentle. Black hair, matching his attire, cascades down to about shoulder length when not tied back neatly in a single pony-tail.

Debonair, charming, handsome, confident, and articulate sum up Dark Fox's personality traits, attributes he often uses to his advantage when dealing with others.

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, two crimson pupils dare to penetrate the veil of darkness that seldom leaves Velox, reaching outwards and illuminating a narrow ray of light in a synical, red beam. It is rumored that these looming eyes are capable of alteration at will, yet this has not been confirmed. All in all, an aura permeates his being that signifies nothing less than mystification and supremacy, yet at the same time, compassion.


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Dark Fox
Count Velox, Dark Fox
Biographical information
Date of birthUnknown
Date of deathN/A
Physical description
SpeciesHuman, seemingly
Height5 foot 11 inches
Hair colorJet Black
Eye colorRanging from a deep, tranquil blue to a dark, malice crimson
Chronological and political information
Era(s)Rise of the Sith, Pre and Post Triumvirate
AffiliationDark Brotherhood
Preceded by:
Guildmaster of the Dark Brotherhood
53 ABY — [Present]
Succeeded by:

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